Undergraduate - the first level of higher education, which is the base, and lasts for 5 years by correspondence courses with remote technology. The student, as the "bachelor", receives fundamental training in a wide range of knowledge in the chosen direction. In addition, the undergraduate program includes basic information from other scientific fields. This level of higher education (bachelor) has no specialization. At the end of this level, the graduate diploma of higher professional education with assignment of the degree of "Bachelor".
Bachelor's degree gives the graduate the right to occupy the employment positions that provide a higher education in accordance with their qualification requirements. Diploma "Bachelor" gives the right to continue education in magistracy.

- Management - 580200
- International Relations - 530,800

Study it involves:
1. Education and theses in 4 languages ​​(English, Kyrgyz, Turkish, Russian).
2. Preparation of a state diploma.

Duration of training - 5 years

Undergraduate DLC at MUAA - is education for the real world


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